Step 1 Research

  • Study All Relevant Homes Currently Listed for Sale
  • Study All Recently Sold Properties
  • Determine Amenities Value
  • Evaluate for Needed Upgrades
  • Research Selling and Closing Fees
  • Know Your Mortgage Payoff Amount

Step 2 Get It Ready

  • Determine the Scope of Work Required to Get Your House Ready
  • Declutter, Deep Clean and Landscape
  • Change Out Old Fixtures
  • Add Upgrades That Increase Value
  • Professionally Stage Your Home to Outshine Your Competition

Step 3 Put It On the Market

  • Create a Professional Walkthrough Video and Floor Plan Map
  • Prepare High Quality Marketing Material and Make Available to Potential Buyers
  • Use Professional HDR Quality Photos
  • Get it Listed EVERYWHERE Online
  • Track Your Online Marketing Progress
  • Adjust Your Marketing Strategy if Activity is Low

Step 4 Get It Sold

  • Research and Obtain Documents & Disclosures Necessary to Sell Your House
  • Review, Negotiate, and Sign the Offer
  • Open Escrow with Buyer’s Selected Title Company
  • Resolve Inspection & Appraisal Issues
  • Continually Follow Up on Buyer’s Lender
  • Schedule a Closing Time and Close the Transaction